The Project

This project starts as the result of the ACE study from 1998. The ACE study was done by an organization with 15,000 employees and a $7billion annual budget. 

The ACE study showed that most of what ails society has the roots in adverse circumstances in childhood. So I wondered if these ACEs can be eliminated completely in a polulation, then its possible to eliminate all the resulting health and social impediments that are a disadvantage to society.
If a polulation of 0 to 1 ACEs had indeed no prisioners and no domestic violence. I this same polulation would have massively reduced cases of heart dicease, diabetes and other health problems. Because if the answer is yes then the whole of society needs to refocus its research, capital and other efforts to a comprehensive program that eliminates ACEs.

I started looking at different sucessful programs like NFP and CYW. These 2 programs are very successful at preventing ACEs and its damaging effects. But they are not implemented in a large scale. The only other similar program is in Sweden.

The individual family, the community, the workplace and thw government must come together to support the mother or couple who because of the faulty idea of the nuclear family are now struggling to give the attention necessary for healthy child development.

So the goal of my project is to gather all the data, all of the research regading early childhood intervention and other programs and synthesised into a tight evidence based program that shows that preventing ACEs is the ultimate solution to humanity’s major challenges.

Then communicate the results to the people and organizations who will implement the results.

Programs like End Violence only target the result of ACEs, they are the band-aid to the problem of Violence. While programmes like NFP prevent violence from ever raising its head. NFP prevents the seed of violence from ever being planted.

The project is born out of the data that indicates that 100% of violent criminals also have a score of 4 or more with 80% scoring 8 or more ACEs.

I had many questions, I wanted to know what happens to a population with 0 or 1 or 2 ACEs.? ..

I wanted to know if school bullying was a result of ACEs being too high.?

I started to connect the dots, and what I saw amazed me:

Most of what ails the world is a direct result of high ACEs and Toxic Stress!


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